Mission and Vision


To make innovative research on various fields at an international level under the guidance of education-teaching staff who are equipped with the required knowledge, experience and infrastructure of the twentyfirst century, to educate high quality individuals for the country’s future, to offer the accumulation of research and education to the benefit of the community.


To have high-grade-principled teaching staff and modern infrastructure and equipment not only national but also in the international platform, with these offerings to train up competitive and ambitious students and to fit the graduates to the top of the group of the most preferred ones.

To focus on researchs on important problems of our country and the world’s in the branch of chemistry, to be an accredited department by international accreditation agencies with the training, education, information technology that will be given in national and international platforms and contributions to the national and global development.
Hacettepe Univesity, Chemistry Department trains chemists who can solve scientific and technological problems independently under modern conditions in the advanced technological level of basic and applied research.

Students gain the skills of understand and comprehence the structure, composition, properties and changes in the natural and artificial materials. Basic courses in the department provides students a broad perspective.

To receive undergraduate diploma, students have to complete 240 AKTS courses. Students of Chemistry Department may receive a side branch certificate from Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering Department.